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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I join?

You can join online using the following link:


When are you open?

Monday-Thursday 6:0am- 8:30pm

Friday 6:00am-7:30pm 

Saturday-Sunday 8am-12pm


Do you offer open gym?

Yes. All members are welcome to use the facilities for open gym sessions in between our small group PT sessions. 


Do you have shower and changing facilities?

Yes, we have highly specified male and female changing rooms complete with showers and other amenities as we want to provide the very best service and facilities at Holistic.


Do I need to book before I turn up to the gym?

We request that you book on TeamUp before any visit to the gym, whether an open gym session or fitness class. This helps ensures you have the best possible experience at Holistic.


Do you offer fitness classes?

We take regular classes including HIITSTEP, HIITCIRCUIT, CORE, bootcamp and more. See timetable here:


Do you have to pay extra for the classes?

Holistic members will receive one free class pass per day. 


How do I book a fitness class at the gym?

Members  and pay as you go customers can book using their class passes via the TeamUp app or via the following link:


Do you offer personal training, one to one or small group?

Absolutely, for more information on personal training contact or look at our PT only membership options


What qualifications do your coaches have?

All of our coaches have their Level 3 personal training qualification. As well as this they hold a number of BSc (Hons) and MSc degrees in physical education, physiology and nutrition and diplomas in performing arts/dance. They are also qualified in taking various exercise classes, first aid, safeguarding and have been DBS checked.


Is there car parking nearby?

Yes, there are convenient free car parks nearby and plenty of 1-hour spaces. 

What equipment do you have?

Holistic provides a wide range of high-quality fitness equipment including treadmills, assault bikes, rower, ski erg, dumbbells ranging from 4-40kg, kettlebells, leg extension/leg curl, plated leg press, double rack, Olympic bars, bumper weight plates, EZ bar, functional cable trainer, wall balls, slam balls, plyometric boxes, battle ropes and much more.

Can you provide a nutrition plan for me?

Definitely! We have expert nutritionists at your service who can provide nutritional analysis and customised recommendations for change that works for you.

How can I monitor my progress?

At Holistic we pride ourselves on our personal approach with all our members and part of this includes regular discussions on how you’re progressing with your fitness, nutrition and body composition. We can adjust your activity accordingly to help ensure you achieve your goals.

What if I’ve never been to a gym before?

Holistic is a friendly, family run gym and is ideal for just starting their health and fitness journey, and those well into theirs. Our friendly staff can help guide you every step of the way.

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